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About Us


We are into the fourth year of the creative project which has been growing considerably, and now has its own identity.

rethinkyourmind is born out of the Leicester based, service user led, Wellbeing, Community Interest Company SISO (Safe Inside Safe Outside).


The project has the desire to raise awareness of mental health, help people look at the subject from a positive perspective, and bring a sense of community into circumstances that can make people feel disconnected.


The rethinkyourmind project comes from those with experience of mental health challenges and is based around Wellbeing and recovery.

Citizens Eye has partnered up with the project to enhance the support and extend the reach in to the wider communities. 


Animation Video of the Project



Wonderful animation work by Lucy Crewe from Creative Cat FX

Click here to find out more about Lucy and her work ...




People submitted work from all over the country.
The poetry and artwork brief for the project asked people to take a positive look at mental health by completing the sentence:

'With good mental health I have...'


The Singles

  • 2 selected poems created the lyrics for 2 singles by Urban Fusion Artist Rubie Colt and Acoustic Rock Band Refuge.
  • 2 selected pieces of artwork made the front covers for the 2 iTunes Releases
  • 2 selected poems were recorded as spoken word for the B sides for the singles.

  • All tracks are available for free download click here ...


Every entry in the poetry and artwork category features on this site for everyone to browse and view.


 The Book

  • 20 selected poems feature in the book
  • 20 selected pieces of artwork feature in the book




A wonderful addition to this year's project is The Yellow Book containing all the information available on the website for people who do not have access to the Internet.


altArtwork and poetry have been selected by professionals at the top of their field.  20  further selected pieces in the artwork category and 20 further selected pieces in the poetry category feature in the book alongside the work from the music singles


The book also features information inspired by the SISO toolkit which was developed to aid recovery and give a greater understanding of our personal wellbeing. It also features recovery information and support from the Institute of Psychiatry, Kings College London, Royal College of Psychiatrists and the NHS Confederation MHN


altInformation and signposting is also included . Each Charity and organisation involved have their own page dedicated to the great work that they do, with signposts for you to gather as much or as little
information as you desire.