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Draw your ideas for poems, artwork and photography from the sentence:


Enter the rethinkyourmind project from rethinkyourmind on Vimeo.

How to enter

Sign up to the site and enter for Free!

  • Submit a maximum of 2 pieces of artwork or photography and 2 poems
  • Only Positive material will be published

This venture will run from the 10th Oct 2012 to the 15th february 2013


The book will house:

  • 2 selected poems which will make lyrics for the 2 singles
  • 2 selected pieces of artwork will be developed to make the front covers for the iTunes releases
  • 2 selected poems will be recorded by the winners and will feature on the singles
  • 20 further pieces of artwork will be published in the book
  • 20 further pieces of poetry will be published in the book


Help to create a new mental health perspective!